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Locker and locking systems

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Mietra lockers win out not just on quality, but also in terms of security.
Choose from a range of locker systems, which all have a
mechanical master key function.

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Mietra the fire prevention experts for your school

Is fire prevention a “hot” discussion topic at your school? Thanks to their special design, Mietra lockers actively take the fire load away from the escape routes and out of the classrooms. Make an important contribution to fire prevention at your school.

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It`s so simple

Rent your own locker in just 4 steps and receive numerous online benefits. Mietra will provide you with a secure, clean and functional locker for the duration of your time at school

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Liebe Mieter,
im Namen des Bärenherz e.V. möchten wir uns bei allen Familien bedanken, die in den vergangenen 10 Jahren gespendet haben. In dieser Zeit ist eine Summe von 199.000 € zusammengekommen.
Herzlichen Dank für die
Mietra & Bärenherz